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By using the 100 Mile Living website, www.100mileliving.ca and www.100mileliving.com (the “Website”), you accept and agree to our Terms of Use.

100 Mile Living reserves the right to modify without notice any content or listings on this Website in order to prevent abuse and to keep the content appropriate and relevant for our general audience. This includes people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities. Therefore, all listings that are in violation of our guidelines are subject to being removed immediately and without prior notice.

Your use of this Website is at your own risk. 100 Mile Living is not responsible for the content or accuracy of information posted on this Website by other parties. 100 Mile Living will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect costs or damages incurred by using the services of this Website or from any transactions between buyers and sellers.


100 Mile Living is a space where users can locate products made or grown within a chosen distance of the user, with the intent on purchasing that product from the same general area. Items do not have to be handmade but they do have to be produced and sold in the same general area. Services do not qualify to be listed on this Website.

Listing products is absolutely FREE, unless the seller chooses to feature a listing.  Unlimited products can be listed once an account has been created. 100 Mile Living reserves the right to change fees for accounts and paid services with prior notice.

Listings are active for one year. Accounts will continue until you terminate your account or we deem that activity on your account is not abiding by these Terms of Use. Should you choose to terminate your account, you must notify site administration as this can only be done by 100 Mile Living. If a listed product was one of a kind, we request that you remove it once it is sold in order to ensure that customers have access to accurate product information.

By posting free listings or paid ads on our site, you agree to the following statement:

  • I agree that I will be solely responsible for the content of any listings/ads that I post on this website. I will not hold the owner of this Website responsible for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any listings/ads that I post here.

Sellers and Buyers

You agree to the following guidelines:

  • Any information or content you provide is true, accurate, complete and non-malicious.
  • No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. Listings in violation of this rule are subject to being removed immediately and without warning. If it was a paid ad, no refund will be issued.
  • No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated.
  • No listings promoting activities that are illegal under the current laws of your jurisdiction may be posted.
  • Any listing that appears to be merely a test posting, a joke, or otherwise insincere or non-serious is subject to removal.
  • Individuals who register an account with 100 Mile Living must be at least 18 years of age.
  • If you discover unauthorized use of your User ID and Password, you must notify 100 Mile Living immediately.

100 Mile Living reserves the ultimate discretion as to which listings, if any, are in violation of these guidelines.

Trademarks and Copyright

All content on this Website are protected under copyright laws. Any misuse or unauthorized use of content or trademarks is prohibited. Sellers are permitted to use unaltered 100 Mile Living trademarks on promotional materials with written permission from 100 Mile Living.


100 Mile Living is not obligated to resolve disputes arising between users of this Website, as use of this Website is solely at your own risk. The provincial and federal laws of British Columbia and Canada govern the use of this Website. Any dispute that might arise regarding this Website will be settled or adjudicated in British Columbia.


We are committed to being upfront about our privacy practices, including how we treat your personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle personal information.

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