Prince Edward Island

PEI Flavours is an initiative created by PEI Culinary Alliance to facilitate the development of innovative food industry partnerships, culinary experiences, and promotional programs that increase consumption and export of PEI’s food products. The initiative aims to connect growers, producers, processors, chefs, restaurants, tourism operators and other culinary industry stakeholders through a single, united voice. Search the Flavours Trail – A Culinary Guide to discover authentic PEI products, farms, fishers, local markets, restaurants and culinary adventures. Also, check their website for what is in season, recipes and events that are taking place on the island.

Security Network is an education and action organization committed to achieving food security in the province. It is dedicated to changing community attitudes and public policy to promote: environmentally appropriate practices for the production and distribution of food, the availability of affordable, healthy, culturally appropriate and personally acceptable food, livable income for producers, the right to food, and PEI self-reliance on food. Check their website for their monthly newsletter, publications, and reports to keep current on issues related to food issues in the province.

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