Passionate About Local Living?

Across Canada there are numerous organizations dedicated to raising awareness about local living, food security, and sustainably produced products. They are also helping to establish meaningful connections with local food producers, businesses, and consumers. There are also several fruit rescue operations which are city-based not-for-profit organizations that connect local residents with an overabundance of fruit (or nuts and vegetables) with people interested in harvesting it. Upon request by a home owner, the organization matches volunteer pickers with private residences to pick the fruit. The rescued fruit is shared four ways: the homeowner,  the volunteer picker, the organization and the food bank. Generally the organization turns the rescued fruit into value-added products such as processed jams,  Apple Cider Vinegar,  Hard Cider, and Quiche Paste, which is sold to raise money for the organization.

If you know of other inspiring organizations that should be recognized, contact us and we will include them in our list.

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