Can I buy products through this website?
No. This is not an e-commerce site. You buy products by clicking on the website links provided by the vendor or by visiting one of the locations or events the vendors lists.

Why are miles used, and not kilometres?
We were inspired by book The 100 Mile Diet: A Year of Eating Local by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon. We wanted to extend that philosophy to all aspects of daily living. Plus, “mile” is easier to say!

Why 100?
The exact distance does not really matter. The idea is simply to buy products that are made and grown in as close proximity to you as possible. If you really need something that is not from your community, then consider getting it from the next closest place. 

Why is there no cost for memberships and ad listings?
We want to make sure the site is accessible and affordable for all entrepreneurs and business owners, regardless of their marketing budgets. Once we hit targets for membership and ad listings, we will incorporate revenue generating strategies based on giving vendors enhanced exposure opportunities. 

What does the tree symbol mean?
The tree symbol (anything found within the Green Cause tab), means that the vendor is claiming that purchases of his/her products will benefit the environment in some way. Perhaps the product is made with recycled content, or is a reusable item (thereby reducing waste to landfill). The product could be organic (or have organic inputs). Maybe the production location is powered by renewable energy. It is up to the consumer to decide what is important.

What does the body symbol mean?
The body symbol (anything found within the Social Cause tab), means that the vendor is saying that purchases of his/her product supports a social cause. Perhaps a portion of proceeds goes to a charitable organization. Or maybe the person employs people with disabilities. Or perhaps the product itself improves the quality of people’s lives, who may be disadvantaged in some way.  

Why should I become a member?
If you make or grow products and want extra online exposure, this website is another avenue for you. Or, if you simply want to know about the growth of the site and receive special offers, you can join us too! We are committed to growing community networks of people who prioritize sustainability in their business practices and purchasing habits. 

I love it! How do I list my products on your site?
Click here for a thorough description of the steps to listing your business and product(s). 


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