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Why list with us? Because we share your passion for supporting local economies, communities, and the environment. We want to help you market your products so consumers can conveniently find your business.

  • Free  – no listing, membership or commission fees.
  • Links to website, online store, IG, FB – direct visitors to your business website & online store. 
  • Listings don’t expire – because this is a directory, listings don’t expire thus we eliminate the hassle of uploading your products every few months. 
  • Location/distance search – by entering the postal code of the location where the product is made or grown, shoppers have the option to search by city or narrow their search to the distance of their choice.
  • Special labels – opportunity to distinguish products that have an environmental benefit, support a social cause,  or have specific labels such as zero-waste, upcycled, hand made, organic etc.
  • Rating system – visitors have the opportunity to rate your product and provide comments, assuring future shoppers about your quality.
  • User friendly – manage and edit listings from your personal dashboard at anytime.
  • Pause your listing – worried that you might run out of product? By clicking the pause button, can stop the listing until you have more product available.

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The best part, is that by supporting the growth of makers, growers and localized shopping, we are reducing impact on the environment, strengthening local economies, and supporting communities!

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