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Producers, Vendors, Makers, Artists, Crafters – We want to showcase your products on our website and create a directory of all locally grown and made products.

Wondering how to start lisitng your locally made and grown products? Click “Join Now” button below to become a member or here for directions on how to list a product.

Why list with us? Because we share your passion for supporting local economies, communities, and the environment. We want to help you market your products so consumers can conveniently find and learn more about them and your business. Plus, has many unique features:

  • Free unlimited lists – no listing, membership or commission fees.
  • Be featured for free – You will get one product on the feature gallery for a minimum of three months guaranteed and if you list more than 10 products you will receive one month on the homepage banner ad space.
  • Listings don’t expire – eliminate the hassle to keep uploading your products every few months, we get how busy you are making and growing your products.Thus listings don’t expire.
  • Location/distance search – by entering the postal code of the location where the product is made or grown, shoppers have the option to search by city or narrow their search to the distance of their choice.
  • No geographical limits – vendors and shoppers anywhere can use this resource!
  • Pause your listing – worried that you might run out of product and need to keep re-listing? By clicking the pause button, can stop the listing of your product until you have more product available.
  • Website, Facebook, Event and Retail Store links – attract potential customers to the stores, markets, events and websites where you sell your products.
  • Special labels -opportunity to distinguish products that support a social cause, have environmental benefits, or have specific labels such as ‘made with recycled material’, hand made, organic etc.
  • Rating system – visitors have the opportunity to rate your business/product and provide comments, assuring future shoppers about your quality.
  • Sharing is caring -visitors can share your product and/or business listing via various social media methods including Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.
  • Target marketing – we promise to work hard to promote the website so that it becomes the “go-to” site for people interested in local living.
  • Easy to use – manage listings from your personal dashboard and edit listings (price, photos, etc.) at anytime.

Become a member and help us make this site a success by spreading the word! Launched March 2017, it will take some time to build up the directory. But as more vendors and producers list their products on the website, it will become more and more useful to consumers across North America.

The best part is that by supporting the growth of makers, growers and localized shopping, we are reducing impact on the environment, strengthening local economies, and supporting communities!

We apologize, but services do not qualify to be listed on 100 Mile Living website.

Items do not have to be handmade but ideally they are produced and sold in the same general area.

If you are a business that sells or supports the sale of locally made or grown products, we would love to advertise your business on our site (see Paid Advertising).

Should you have any questions about the website, please contact us.

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