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The Zyp Chicks were born and raised just outside Edmonton, Alberta. They in turn, have raised families here. The connection with this area is strong. Many of their core beliefs and values stem from their upbringing. They believe in local, ethical food and products. What we put in our bodies and on our bodies becomes a part of who we are. We have always looked at health from a broad perspective. What goes into your body as food makes a significant difference in your well being. Quality fuel brings about a higher quality of health and well being. Hemp is a high quality nutrient dense whole food. It is rich in easily digestible protein (65% edestin), high in vitamins and minerals, full of a perfect blend of omega fatty acids, 3,6 & 9, chlorophyll and all the amino acids your body requires. Sometimes it can be challenging to change your diet to improve your health, however this journey starts with one small step and improving over time. Hemp can be an easy first step. Not only is it healthy, but this little seed tastes wonderful and can be added to so many of the foods you already eat! The Zyp Chicks have always been passionate about food. They are passionate about hemp!! Our products are made from natural, non GMO, environmentally friendly and, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients. Hemp is a crop that is environmentally positive. It isn't reliant on chemicals. It is an ancient agricultural product that is good for the soil and good for us. Healthy soil = healthy food = healthy people = healthy community! Eating hemp just makes sense!

Zippy Hemp for Pets


Zippy Hemp for Pets 500ml  

ZypChicks Healthy Living Spruce Grove April 10, 2020 326 total views, 1 today

As one of the most important members of your family, we want to help keep them happy and healthy for a long time. Full of […]

Smoke Maple Eh


Smoked Maple Eh! 227 g  

ZypChicks Healthy Living Spruce Grove April 10, 2020 323 total views, 3 today

Smoke Maple Eh! toasted hemp seeds provides a burst of flavour and crunch that is hard to resist! Full of goodness, you can tease your […]

Zyppy Taco


Zyppy Taco Hemp Hearts  

ZypChicks Healthy Living Spruce Grove April 10, 2020 436 total views, 1 today

Zyppy Taco Hemp Hearts adds spice to your meals! Not only is it nutrient dense, it has a delicious taco flavour that goes well on […]

Natural Hemp Oil 2


Hemp Seed OIl  

ZypChicks Healthy Living Spruce Grove April 10, 2020 394 total views, 1 today

ZypChicks raw hemp oil is from a single pressing of hemp seeds. It is extra-virgin, and cold-pressed. Hemp oil is delicious on salads, breads, pasta, […]

Chocolate Sunshine

Chocolate Sunshine Hemp Hearts is a delicious way to start off your day! Made with organic dark cacao and the zest of organic mandarin and […]