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I've tried many hobbies over the years, and sewing is one of the very few that has stayed with me. Making things from fabric is something I never tire of. I'd like to help to reduce waste, so I started making fabric gift bags as an alternative to wrapping paper. I also make cushion covers to put over old cushions (rather than throwing them out). My products aren't all directly aimed at reducing waste, but they are all aimed at making your world prettier. I offer free delivery within Winnipeg on orders over $20. Delivery to the rest of Canada is just the cost of postage.



CrossBody Bags

Zinnia Winnipeg February 25, 2021 31 total views, 3 today

This simple cross-body bag is perfect for comfy, casual outings. It measures approx 9 1/2″ x 10″ x 3″ and features inside and outside pockets, […]




Zinnia Wpg February 21, 2021 32 total views, 3 today

These headbands are available in many beautiful fabrics besides those shown here. Most are available in both 2″ and 2 1/2″ width. They are $7 […]



Scrub Caps

Zinnia Winnipeg February 7, 2021 98 total views, 2 today

One size unisex scrub caps in preshrunk 100% cotton, with ties at back. Cap also has buttons to hook the mask elastics onto. $12 each […]



Drawstring Backpacks

Zinnia Winnipeg February 2, 2021 56 total views, 4 today

I started making these last summer. It was so convenient having a lightweight and handsfree bag to replace my purse, and fit a few extra […]



Fabric Gift Bags  

Zinnia Winnipeg February 2, 2021 69 total views, 3 today

Did you know that most traditional wrapping paper is not recyclable? Try these fabric gift bags instead. They come in three sizes, are made of […]