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I've tried many hobbies over the years, and sewing is one of the very few that has stayed with me. Making things from fabric is something I never tire of. I'd like to help to reduce waste, so I started making fabric gift bags as an alternative to wrapping paper. I also make cushion covers to put over old cushions (rather than throwing them out). My products aren't all directly aimed at reducing waste, but they are all aimed at making your world prettier. I offer free delivery within Winnipeg on orders over $20. Delivery to the rest of Canada is just the cost of postage.



CrossBody Bags

Zinnia Winnipeg March 14, 2022 919 total views, 0 today

These CrossBody Bags are all reversible. They feature a long front flap with a tie closure and have large pockets inside and out. Orange/Cream Canvas […]



Hippie Bags

Zinnia Winnipeg March 14, 2022 844 total views, 2 today

My Hippie Bags are a variation on the CrossBody style. The difference is they have a slightly longer strap and are less structured – more […]



Reversible Tote Bags

Zinnia Winnipeg March 14, 2022 737 total views, 0 today

All my tote bags are reversible and prices range from $28 to $36, depending on which features they have. This is just a small selection […]



Fall/Winter Clearance

Zinnia WINNIPEG March 14, 2022 797 total views, 0 today

After a small break, I’m getting back into sewing bags, so it’s time to clear out my fall/winter stock. These bags all regularly sell for […]



Funky Wallets

Zinnia WINNIPEG July 16, 2021 571 total views, 0 today

These cute wallets go great with my Zinnia bags. They measure about 41/2 x 6″ and you can use them for cash $ cards, or […]



Scrub Caps

Zinnia Winnipeg February 7, 2021 804 total views, 0 today

One size unisex scrub caps in preshrunk 100% cotton, with ties at back. Cap also has buttons to hook the mask elastics onto. $12 each […]