About Wooden Boat Food Company


The Flavour Nuoc Cham; a secret family recipe taken from the homes of Vietnam is sweet, salty, sour and packed with umami. Fall in love with it's versatility as a marinade, cooking sauce, dip, condiment or finishing sauce. Make Nuoc Cham a staple in your everyday cooking. The Difference Nuoc Cham is 100% natural, gluten-free and made in beautiful Port Moody, British Columbia with local and foreign sourced products. Nuoc Cham is 1/4 of the sodium found in soy sauce, making it the perfect alternative to heavy soy based sauces on the market. Swap out any of your soy recipes for Nuoc Cham and give your family the gift of a healthier diet without sacrificing amazing flavour. Every drop of Nuoc Cham will bring a new and vibrant perspective to your meals!