About Twisted Sisters Bath and Body


Twisted Sisters bath and body care co. is a 100% all natural, sustainable, and cruelty free bath and body care company based in Chilliwack. Created by 2 sisters Danielle and Brianne, that have a passion for all natural products, sustainability, and the environment. We create carefully crafted products using the power of nutrient dense plant derived ingredients and Danielle's professional background in Science. Everything was designed with care to make a real difference in your skin's overall health and appearance. Initially we started out by just making products for ourselves, and gifting to friends and family. But with increased interest in our products we now do markets, are in several stores, and have expanded our online business shipping anywhere in North America. We created these products for our own problem skin and have found they truly do work! We hope you'll like them as much as we do! All natural is the way to go! Visit us at www.twistedsistersbathandbody.com to see our full range of products, ingredient glossary, and customer testimonials to see what really sets us apart!

All natural skin care

We have several options for carefully curated gift boxes of our unique and 100% all natural products! There’s something for everyone on your list! We […]

Charcoal soap

This soap is next level amazing! Sustainable activated charcoal, a natural absorbant, acts to pull unwanted dirt and oil from deep within your pores, binding […]

Rose water toner

Combat dryness, dullness and uneven texture with our all natural toners. Made for everyday use with nourishing ingredients to leave your skin glowing! Seaweed extract, […]

Lip scrubs

Our gentle exfoliating scrub designed specifically for your lips! With ingredients like berry sugar, mango butter, and avocado oil to leave your lips feeling soft, […]

Lip balm


Hydrating Lip Balm  

Twisted Sisters Bath and Body Chilliwack November 27, 2020 222 total views, 1 today

Our lip balms are now made using sustainable cardboard tube packaging! Containing beeswax, a natural humectant, which helps to retain moisture while providing a protective […]

Massage oil candles


Soothing Massage Oil Candles  

Twisted Sisters Bath and Body Chilliwack November 27, 2020 218 total views, 1 today

Relax your senses and soothe your soul while the natural essential oils diffuse the air in your home, and then rub the warm and soothing […]

Anti aging face cream


Radiant Face Cream  

Twisted Sisters Bath and Body Chilliwack November 27, 2020 215 total views, 1 today

Tired of using face creams that don’t actually do what they’re supposed to do? Our face cream is a light and gentle blend designed specifically […]

All natural soap


All natural soaps  

Twisted Sisters Bath and Body Chilliwack November 27, 2020 227 total views, 1 today

Our all natural soaps contain wholesome ingredients such as avocado, olive, castor, and coconut oils, with a healthy dose of unrefined shea butter to create […]




Twisted Sisters Bath and Body CHILLIWACK November 27, 2020 223 total views, 1 today

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