About The Will of the Willows


Their Story Jonica and Darcy live on an acreage near the Hamlet of Gwynne. with their two German Shepherds and calico kitty! surrounded by nature, inspiration comes to them by stepping out their back door. Long drives in the countryside is where most of their brainstorming happens. Their Mission To create locally sourced, affordable and beautiful products that you can feel proud displaying in your home.  Their Passion To embody the beauty of the Alberta landscape. Being proud of using natural & renewable products for our creations while embracing the elegance found in nature.



Willow Heart  

The Will of the Willows Wetaskiwin February 7, 2021 1065 total views, 1 today

Item: Silver Willow hearts Description: handmade from wild willows Dimensions: Medium apx. 18″ wide, 20″ long Large apx. 35″ wide, 35-40″ long Payment Options: etransfer/ […]



Willow Star  

The Will of the Willows Wetaskiwin November 16, 2020 716 total views, 1 today

18″ These are made by local couple from Gwynne! Wild willow is hand harvested locally!!