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At Summit Sourdough we make home-made sourdough easy! Our heirloom 125 year old dehydrated Sourdough Starter lets you start your sourdough journey with success. Summit Sourdough opened its doors in 2020 -- turning a hobby into a brand. As a life long baker and connoisseur of amazing food, it was then when I was pushed to share my hobby with others. It was evident that my heirloom 125 year old starter was AMAZING and out performing every starter I came across. The most important part of the Sourdough Journey is having a starter that's active enough to rise bread and one that predictably rises and falls in the jar. Our starter consistently triples and even quadruples giving your homemade goods the power it needs to make a beautiful rise! Based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta ... a Suburb of Edmonton, I am here to make your sourdough journey as easy as possible. You'll find our free tutorials and some recipes saved within our Instagram highlights to help you along your way. I hope to inspire your love and creativity for sourdough baking. I began baking with Sourdough Starter as a way to incorporate foods into my diet that I could not otherwise tolerate, as I suffer from Crohn's Disease. The cool thing about Sourdough is because of the long fermentation time of the dough (we call this the bulk ferment), most of the protein is eaten out of the flour making the foods we create with it significantly easier to digest. So, people like me, or others who are gluten sensitive, or suffer from ailments like IBS, can eat the foods they love without all of the pain. I spent the first 2 years of my own sourdough journey making and throwing out everything I created with a homemade Sourdough Starter and realized that it just didn't have the gusto to rise bread. When I was given our heirloom 125 year old starter by family and started baking again, it became evident to me that the age of the starter makes all the difference when it comes to oven spring, taste, texture and crumb!

Reusable Sheet Pan Proofing Cover by Summit Sourdough

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Summit Sourdough Reusable Bowl Cover main for Sourdough and Baking

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Summit Sourdough Starter 125 year old 3 pack

Welcome to Summit Sourdough, we make sourdough starter easy! Our heirloom 125 year old Canadian Sourdough Starter lets you start your sourdough journey with success. […]