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Edmonton’s Historic Structures

Some Fine Art Edmonton January 22, 2021 191 total views, 0 today

Several paintings on one mixed media canvas, 48” x 40” h acrylic and fabric on canvas. Historic buildings of Edmonton Alberta. Alberta Legislature, Old Scona […]



Tooth Fairy Door , 12” x 10”

Some Fine Art Edmonton December 12, 2020 234 total views, 0 today

Wood tooth fairy door with a tiny mailbox to hold a small tooth. Pop your tooth in the mailbox till the tooth fairy comes.



Refurbished Toboggan Shelf   

Some Fine Art Edmonton November 29, 2020 313 total views, 0 today

Refurbished Toboggan, shelves and key hooks added.



Poppies On Green  

Some Fine Art Edmonton November 29, 2020 375 total views, 1 today

Acrylic gel painted to appear as stained glass. 48” h x 24” , x 2” d canvas Somefineart.com