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Silvapure began in the summer of 2019, when friends and co-founders Kyla and Lindsay aspired to create eco-friendly and all-natural disinfecting solutions for everyday living. Lindsay’s passion for natural products, extensive experience with plants and eco-conscious lifestyle was a perfect pairing with Kyla’s business acumen in the natural product industry and use of colloidal silver for over 20 years. Having just had a baby, Kyla felt there was something missing in the cleaning world that was safe for all in the household, including kids, pets and food preparation, while still maintaining effective disinfectant properties. Over the next six months, Silvapure came to life! Countless hours were spent perfecting product aromas, researching and developing safe and effective essential oil blends and the necessary dilution quantities to avoid harming any living being. What started with the All-Purpose Cleaner in the Blossom and Citrus blends, led to identifying the need for a variety of all-natural disinfectants, resulting in our full product line. Silvapure is handmade with love and integrity, using only our colloidal silver and essential oils sourced from Canadian suppliers. Nothing synthetic, no surprises and non-toxic for all. We’ve invested a significant amount of passion and dedication into Silvapure and have shared many laughs and good times creating our products. We are so proud to share our story with you and we hope you enjoy the results the same way we do! Yours in health & wellness, Kyla & Lindsay



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The active ingredient in all Silvapure cleaning product solutions, colloidal silver, is naturally antimicrobial, anitviral, antibacterial and antifungal. With proven efficacy against 650+ pathogens, colloidal […]