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The name of my business is "SHOOTING STAR HANDCRAFTED" - Design & Creations Inspired by the Earth & Environment. I have always been a creative person, interested in crafting beautiful and lasting items for others to enjoy. With the current increasing strains to the environment, choosing reuseable products is something I feel passionate about. Starting small; making small changes in our use of simple everyday items, can be our way of making a difference. And besides that, my son and daughter-in-law love handkerchiefs and what they stand for!

Sample Spread

Well made and reuseable ! These small, 12″ square 100% cotton handkerchiefs are perfect for a day’s use. Very lightweight, they take up just a […]

Amethyst Flat Wire

“Inspired by the Earth & Environment” these fancy or simple, beautiful, one-of-a-kind woven and braided silver wire bracelets are created with pride and attention to […]

Sodalite w Tree Charm

Made with attention to detail these beautifully designed and handmade bracelets are all one-of a-kind. They are made with real semi-precious gemstones and quality crystals. […]