About Beauty Bits Boutique


When I went to college I did not do what my heart and my mind were telling to do!! At that time all I wanted is to be with my friends. My friends are still my friends, they are still there, doing what they are doing and wanted to do. As for me, I spent the years regretting what I did not do!!! About 10 years ago, after having beeb in the work force as Postgraduate Medical Education Coordinator and an Executive Medical Secretary for 21 years and for over 40 years inall. I had to retire early when we moved from Montreal to Edmonton, as my husband career required and he was very involved in it. I turned to the hobby that I always loved "sewing and crafting". I never stopped since. In the last five years, I planned and executed 3 weddings, three showers, two baby showers and 3 baby and children rooms. I made drapes for two homes, then designed what was needed for my own homes, as I moved about 3 times. Since two years I have been working on my crafts in jewelry, designing different items for home needs; drapes, table runners and place mats, bread warmers that are my design, shoe bags in combinations of different prints and colors, eternal and long scarves embellished with pieces of jewelry, winter reversible capes, aprons reversible and apron sets in different colors and prints i.e. with hand towels to match, pot holders, heat resistant mitt, dish and counter top in larger size, etc. I have produced over 50 collections of jewelry (necklace/earrings sets), necklaces, little misses necklaces and pins, and five collection in apparel i.e. capes, aprons, scarves, shoe bags, school light bags, children toss-pillow covers. Planning on summer dresses and other project that are in queue. Every collection I have has 10 unique pieces and different in style and color. each collection has a name and a number. All are with photos, prices and cataloged by my husband who is my only help. Here is my site my inspirations that I offer to the softer half of the public. All items and each one of them is a unique piece that I put my heart, thoughts and talent in designing it. Each piece is packed with gem and natural stones that are hand picked and designed in a unique way. My collections are in Tens. Each collection is in different color. Some sets are with earrings, very few with bracelets, some others are just Necklaces. I offer 20% off till the end of November, 2018 with a purchase of Can. $100 and with a coupon when you email me randa@beautybitsboutique.com. Enjoy your navigation and while navigating if you look north, west, east or south you will not find better value to your dollar or beauty and richness as each one will be an added special look, value and uniqueness to your possession.