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Prairie Cedar Creations by Darrell Pydde I was born an raised in Millet, Alberta. Studied Photography Technology at NAIT and worked in the photo in-dustry for over 30 years. I have enjoyed working with wood since childhood. A family friend was an avid woodworker and I was always fascinated with what he could create. Over the years I did woodworking off and on just for fun when time allowed. Over the last few years sitting in front of a computer all day working on photographs lost its appeal. I needed to be more active and creative. I started doing more wood projects for friends and family. As the projects in-creased I decided that I should maybe try to earn a few extra dollars so I started selling my products at local farmers markets. The number of orders started to grow and the variety of projects was never ending. Soon I would work my full time photography job, then rush home and spend another 6 or 7 hours working with wood. That was relaxation. So over the last 5 year wood working has morphed into a full time venture. I love the organic nature of wood, how it looks how it feels and the process that took a tiny tree into piece of wood that can be cut and milled and shaped into a never ending variety of objects. I can walk into my wood suppliers and instantly fall in love with a block of wood. Be it the grain, the shape, or the color I know instant-ly I have to have it. It may take a couple of years to finally decide what it will become, but that too is part of the process. Sooner or later a vision, an idea or a project evolves. Be it a small cedar box or a full sized dining room table I always feel a sense of pride when I deliver a project to a customer and know through their reaction that I did a good job. Darrell Pydde



L-Shaped Cedar Planter Combo

Prairie Cedar Creations Millet July 19, 2017 555 total views, 0 today

L-Shaped Cedar Planter Combo Combination of a Small L-Shaped Planter 18″ w x 42″ l x 16″ h and Large Cedar Planter 24″ w x […]

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Beverage Cooler Tables

Prairie Cedar Creations Millet July 19, 2017 763 total views, 0 today

Beverage Cooler Tables. Ideal for keeping your beverages cold, just add ice to the drink tray. Includes 2 tray covers, one with holes to keep […]


Cedar Flower/Herb/Strawberry Towers Solid construction using screws and waterproof glue along with Cedars natural resistance to moisture and rot ensures the tower will last for […]