About Personalized Storybooks Canada


"Make me read, make me to read" - those words of our then 3 year-old son formed the base of our story, and motivated us to start our own personalized children story book business in 1992. We were introduced to the concept of personalized children storybooks when our first son who was only 3 years old, received a personalized storybook as a gift from his Aunt in Ireland. It makes us chuckle to tell this story, but we remember when our son was being read to, he would demand that he read whenever we tried to read to him. He would literally pull the book away and started calling out words (none of which were in the book). We recall him getting very upset, shouting 'I read, I read, 'Make me to read''. We watched in frustration as our young son was desperate to learn to read and was not willing to accept our answer to him that ‘when he is a little older he would learn to read’. We kept on reading different books to our son and one day we noticed that whenever we read the personalized storybook with his name in it, he became a lot more relaxed and listened to the story more intently. We watched as his eyes rolled back and forth across the page, and with intent, he focused on every word we were saying. When we pointed to his name and that of his cousins, he became excited and smiled as he heard the names of people he was familiar with. It wasn’t long before we noticed that whenever it was time to read, even though we picked other books to read, he would always want us to read his personalized book instead. As time went by, we noticed one very significant thing changed. His demands changed from 'Make me read” to a very calm and relaxed “I read, I read”. It was at this time that we realized the he became more excited but calm, and followed the story, and did indeed begin to recall some of the words which were being pointed out to him as we would read along. That was the blossoming of what we strongly believe gave our son a head start to learning to read, and also gave us the idea to sell these personalized books. Since 1992 we have been selling these books online through our website and pride ourselves in the steady growth of our business and the personalized and friendly service we are able to offer our customers. Andrew and Mary Irwin