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I paint and craft to support my artistic abilities I like doing stuff for others to enjoy

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Cat Beds  

Lorraine's paints and crafts Edmonton April 25, 2018 928 total views, 2 today

wooden cat bed hand painted/stencilled used non-toxic materials




n/a Edmonton September 7, 2017 649 total views, 0 today

Made from a glass vase and glass bowl.

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Dan Masks from Ivory Coast   

n/a Edmonton September 7, 2017 269 total views, 0 today

I found these 2 masks and they were in sad shape. They were so pretty and different that I took them home to fix and […]



Inspiration Frame  

n/a Edmonton October 31, 2016 1264 total views, 1 today

Framed board with animal pictures on which there are inspirational words printed. It is decorated with stencils, glitter smudges and wooden decals.