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Little Miss Haven started in 2014 when I pulled my sewing machine from the closet, after years of collecting dust, and began playing with my first ever stuffed animal pattern in an attempt to make little bears for my best friend’s children as Christmas presents. I am an artist and a crafter at heart and I love being creative and trying new things. Most of all, however, I realized that I really loved to sew! This birthed a new sense of creativity and wonder in me and I immediately started searching for all kinds of new patterns to try. So why sew dolls and stuffed animals? If you’re like me, your life is probably anything BUT filled with free time for things like sewing and designing dolls. However, the smiles on kids’ faces when they receive their doll or stuffed animal, especially when it has been created with them in mind, is the most rewarding feeling in the world. A doll that has been created especially for a child is something special that they will cherish for the rest of their lives and provides many more meaningful memories than a plastic doll out of a box from the store ever could. When you buy a doll or stuffed animal from me, you are getting a guarantee that I will put my heart and soul into creating a toy that will match your child’s personality and needs. All of my dolls and stuffed animals are created with love and care, making each one uniquely special. I believe in supporting local businesses and try to source my materials locally, to the best of my abilities. I am a small-town farm girl, therefore, all of my toys are created to represent the simple, country life. All of my products are proudly made in Canada. Little Miss Haven Dolls and Friends is located in Holden, Alberta, Canada.

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Heatable Bean Bag Buddy

Little Miss Haven Dolls Holden November 8, 2017 383 total views, 0 today

  Adopt your bean buddy today! This adorable little bear is handcrafted using soft and cuddly Minky fabric and comes with a special zipper tummy […]

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My Waldorf-Inspired dolls are handcrafted using all natural materials. They are hand-stitched and each doll takes 30+ hours to create. They are stuffed with clean, […]

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Lambkins the Lamb

Little Miss Haven Dolls Holden May 31, 2017 471 total views, 0 today

Lambkins is made using soft and fluffy fabric to mimic wool and stuffed with 100% polyester stuffing. Its eyes are made using brown safety eyes […]



Ellie the Elephant

Little Miss Haven Dolls Holden May 31, 2017 599 total views, 0 today

Ellie the Elephant is hand-sewn using soft and cuddly Minky fabric and stuffed firmly with 100% polyester stuffing. She stands 13″ tall and her eyes […]