About Jack59 Body Co.


Our story begins in 2014 in northern Alberta. I love animals but at the time I did not want to have the responsibility of owning a pet. One day we were playing outside in the yard and this timid, starving dog came out of the woods towards us. She was instantly heartbroken for him. She convinced me to keep the dog (over the weekend) so we could bring him back to good health. I was convinced that once he was feeling, and looking better, we would take him to a shelter to find a good home. Well, she fell in love, I fell in love, we all fell in love with him. After having him for a couple of days I caved and decided she could keep him. I told her she needed to pick a name. She instantly blurted out JACK59 (She was 4 at the time). The next day we drove into town to buy some pet supplies. We arrived back home to find no sign of JACK59 (Insert many tears here), she was heartbroken. We drove everywhere looking for him with no luck. We never did see JACK59 again. She shed many tears over many weeks. A year later we moved to Edmonton, I worked as a dental assistant until 1 day I had enough of dropping her off for long hours at the daycare every day. I quit my job to start my business, with the intention to be home with her more. We needed a name for the company and I simply could not find a name I loved. During a conversation with my husband, Isabella approached me looking sad, she had tears in her eyes and asked me if I could call my company JACK59 so we could remember him forever. Talk about pulling on the old heart strings! I went to bed that night thinking oh my word, how am I going to call a bath & body company JACK59. In the end it was a simple choice, my pride and joy is my family and having this small business allows me to be closer to them. It was settled and JACK59 was born.