About High Stick Vodka


Was inspired by a sword filled with brandy long time ago found in eastern europe. Holding this item a thought came to mind, Canada needs its own sword! What do Canadians go to battle with if not the sacred Hockey Stick. With that light bulb event, efforts of creating High Stick Vodka started. After a figuring out how to make our signature bottle, the search was on to find the right spirit. We contacted distilleries all over the country. Essentially coast to coast. Many were too expensive, and other just didn't meet the quality standards we needed. Then we found a fantastic distillery in Kelowna BC. Nestled in the heart of the Okanagan it has the weather and access to the purest of waters that we needed. We use a 4 times distillation process of corn to create one of Canada's best Vodkas. Its one thing to say you are one of the best but another to put that reputation on the line. We've entered numerous international tasting competitions and have won top awards. Most notably was BEST VODKA IN SHOW at the WSWA in the US. We were deemed better than over 50 vodka's from all over the world. Since then we've been trying to grow the business organically and share our local spirit with the community. We hope all our fans drink safely and responsibly when enjoying High Stick Vodka.