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Hey there! Donna and Rita here, a mother and daughter in law duo looking to provide you with a product that isn’t just cool but will also changes the way you do laundry! We created HeartFelt 4 Ewe Wool Dryers balls with sustainability in mind. We are firm believers in chemical free living and long for a time where things were simple and the products we used derived from nature. The idea came from watching Donna’s sheep bounce around the Lama we affectionately call Dhali, their fluffy wool moving with the wind. An avid farmer, Donna does a lot of research and over the years has been assembling the many benefits of natural wool. Rita with a strong background in corporate marketing and a love for sustainability and natural solutions wondered if there’s something that can be done with this wool. Thus came about wool dryer balls. In today’s hectic world many of us tend to look for easy solutions that are “effective” and “does the job” easily or quickly to match our fast paced lifestyles. Unfortunately we’ve been conditioned to believe that these solutions need to contain chemicals to be effective. This isn’t always true! That’s where we come in!

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Handmade Wool Dryer Balls  

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Our wool dryer balls are handmade, materials locally sourced and free of any chemicals or dyes. They are also 100% wool, no fillers, this is […]