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My idea for Glow Lanterns started a couple years ago when I decorated a few lanterns for family members as Christmas gifts. The lanterns I saw on the market were either sold empty or contained a single candle and nothing else - very plain and simple. I loved the look of lanterns but wanted them to have something unique and stylish; something they hadn’t seen before. Although flame candles looked nice, I was always afraid of leaving them unattended so I decided the design had to contain LED battery operated pillar candles. Fairy lights are a beautiful bright addition that added sparkle to the inside of the lantern that complemented the candle. The relatives loved their presents and I thought maybe this might be something other people would enjoy in their homes as well.

Fresh Spring (Year round design) 3


Fresh Spring Lantern

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Fresh Spring Lantern – Beautiful white metal jewel lantern with faux white calla lilies, delicate green fern and dark, lush green moss on the bottom […]