About Ellesmere Creations


I’m Amanda and I’m the woman behind this little home based business. Most of the time I’m teaching plant ecology or working on my PhD in Soil Science. My work and this business all stems from my love of the environment and believing in making a difference whether that be from contributing the the scientific community or making small positive changes in my everyday life. In the evenings and on weekends.... I SEW! I actually forgot how much I loved sewing and creating. Life just got busy and I forgot to sit down in front of the machine. My sewing journey started with weekly sewing lessons in elementary school and my skills grew until I was designing and sewing my grade 12 grad dress. I’ve been fortunate to have many talented seamstresses in my family that have supported me throughout the years and loving family that have trusted me to create what I envision. So here I am… starting this little biz. Other things you should know about me… if I’m not sewing I’m: Walking, snuggling or playing with my doggo Rosco On an adventure with my husband Being an Auntie Looking at plants Thanks for getting to know me!

Teal Geometric Unpaper Towels

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