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Hi there! I make natural body products, skincare and aromatherapy products in my Edmonton workshop. I've always been fascinated by plants and animals and got myself a shiny degree in Ecology. I worked in quality management for ten years and have always loved cooking. So I took my science, quality, cooking and my passion to help people and developed safe and healthy products. My products are: -cruelty, gluten and dairy free -contain no parabens, sulfates, petroleum, toxins, artificial colours -are 100% safe and 98-100% natural -are made of organic and local ingredients where possible -are minimally packaged with recyclable and recycled materials.

car diffuser art


Car Diffusers

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton September 10, 2019 141 total views, 1 today

Available in many different colours and styles. Hang one on your rear view mirror or anywhere in the house. Can be used with essential oils […]



Reusable Face Cotton Pads  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton February 15, 2019 156 total views, 1 today

These fun, eco-friendly, washable cotton pads can be used with toner, cleanser and makeup remover. Washer (cold cycle) and dryer friendly. Comes in a pack […]

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Lavender & Mint Body Spray  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 25, 2018 188 total views, 0 today

Looking for one multipurpose product for your gym bag, beach bag, back pack or purse? Our Lavender & Mint Body Spray can be used as […]

bath salts


Bath Salts

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 25, 2018 207 total views, 0 today

Whether you need a soak in the tub to ease aches, help you unwind from a busy day or just because you deserve a little […]

Paw Saver


Paw Saver Balm  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 25, 2018 158 total views, 0 today

Soothe and protect those paws from ice and snow build up, heat, cold, sand and salt. Also works on dry noses and rough elbows. Comes […]

lotion pack


Lotion Gift Pack  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 23, 2018 261 total views, 1 today

A variety pack of 4 lotions (62.5 ml each) is perfect when you can’t decide on one scent as well as for a hostess gift, […]

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Lava Bead Bracelets

, Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 23, 2018 153 total views, 0 today

Handcrafted in a variety of options. Small fits wrists 5 3/4″ to 6 1/4″ and regular fits wrists 6 1/4″ to 6 3/4″ (most women). […]

face oils


Facial Oils  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 22, 2018 221 total views, 0 today

Facial Oils can be used as a spot treatment or on the whole face by placing 1-3 drops on the finger tips and gently pressing […]

beard oil


Beard Oil  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 22, 2018 228 total views, 0 today

Itchy and scratchy facial hair? Instantly become more kissable with beard oil that moisturizes and tames. Try it in one of the original scents: Fear […]


​This toner and antibacterial cleanser removes dirt, oil, makeup and other cleanser residue while tightening and toning your skin. Suitable for all skin types (including […]

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Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 19, 2018 156 total views, 0 today

This lotion is creamy, moisturizing, non-greasy, long-lasting and perfect for normal to dry skin. It alleviates dry skin and itching, softens and replenishes the skin’s […]