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COVID-19 Update: Our home store is now open for personal shopping by appointment only. Please make an appointment by message, phone or email (between 9am and 9pm, Sunday to Saturday). You can bring one person with you and please wear masks if you have them. Hand sanitizer is available and we will be sanitizing all high touch areas before every customer. Hi there! I make natural body products, skincare and aromatherapy products in my Edmonton workshop. I've always been fascinated by plants and animals and got myself a shiny degree in Ecology. I worked in quality management for ten years and have always loved cooking. So I took my science, quality, cooking and my passion to help people and developed safe and healthy products. My products are: -cruelty, gluten and dairy free -contain no parabens, sulfates, petroleum, toxins, artificial colours -are 100% safe and 98-100% natural -are made of organic and local ingredients where possible -are minimally packaged with recyclable and recycled materials.

body cream


Silky Body Cream

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton June 2, 2020 259 total views, 0 today

Nourishing and decadent, it’s like dessert for your skin! This thick and silky body cream is formulated for extra dry, flaky and itchy skin. It […]

lip balm


Lip Balm

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton June 2, 2020 283 total views, 0 today

This lip balm protects, softens and soothes dry skin leaving your lips feeling soft and kissable. You’ll want one for your pocket, purse, car, desk, […]

herbal body spray


Herbal Body Spray  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton June 2, 2020 342 total views, 2 today

This spray contains six essential oils that are known for their deodorizing, insect repellant and antiseptic properties as well as for itching, inflammation and soothing […]

natural defence

This gel hand cleanser is full of essential oils that are known for their antimicrobial properties.

essential oil blends


Essential Oil Blends  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton September 10, 2019 395 total views, 0 today

Artfully blended essential oils for everyday needs.

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Reusable Face Cotton Pads  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton February 15, 2019 455 total views, 2 today

These fun, eco-friendly, washable cotton pads can be used with toner, cleanser and makeup remover. Washer (cold cycle) and dryer friendly. Comes in a pack […]

lavender mint spray art


Lavender & Mint Body Spray  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 25, 2018 368 total views, 1 today

Looking for one multipurpose product for your gym bag, beach bag, back pack or purse? Our Lavender & Mint Body Spray can be used as […]

bath salts


Bath Salts

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 25, 2018 423 total views, 0 today

Whether you need a soak in the tub to ease aches, help you unwind from a busy day or just because you deserve a little […]

lotion pack


Lotion Gift Pack  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 23, 2018 447 total views, 0 today

A variety pack of 4 lotions (62.5 ml each) is perfect when you can’t decide on one scent as well as for a hostess gift, […]

face oils


Face Serums  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 22, 2018 438 total views, 1 today

Facial Oils can be used as a spot treatment or on the whole face by placing 1-3 drops on the finger tips and gently pressing […]

beard oil


Beard Oil  

Serendipity Body Products Edmonton October 22, 2018 445 total views, 0 today

Itchy and scratchy facial hair? Instantly become more kissable with beard oil that moisturizes and tames. Try it in one of the original scents: Fear […]


​This toner and antibacterial cleanser removes dirt, oil, makeup and other cleanser residue while tightening and toning your skin. Suitable for all skin types (including […]