About Bar OA Farms


Bar OA Flower Farm started as an urban micro flower farm in 2017, located in the Edmonton's Northeast community of Beacon Heights. The idea started out of the desire to produce local, fresh, seasonally inspired cut flowers of the highest quality cut at the perfect moment for each customer. The little farm grew and even using high density crop rotation to maximize space we just found that we had outgrown the land we had. After several months of searching for land to rent or buy, after several conversations it seemed like all hope was lost – people wanted high prices, or long-term contracts, or the land was just so far away from Edmonton that it didn’t make it feasible. But this is where the stars aligned when we met Andrew & Bri, fellow farmers who have a haskap farm with some spare land and a willingness to partner. This year our growing operation will expand to include more varieties and colours of last years favourites. What does Bar OA mean? Livestock branding is a technique for marking livestock so as to identify the owner.Most brands include capital letters or numerals, often combined with other symbols such a slash, circle, half circle, cross, or bar. Bar OA is the original brand of Bryanna's grandfather, Arthur 'Buck' Pierce. Buck was a pioneer in sustainable farming, Buck raised Suffolk sheep and Hereford Cattle in Northern Alberta. The Bar OA brand was passed down to Bryanna's mom Colleen, and now has been passed down to Bryanna.