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“All the effort in the world won’t matter unless you are inspired.” Chuck Palahniuk

“I love this book so much! I can’t say enough about how funny it is and how it easy it is to digest the information in a fun way. I just had to pass on the message… I love the SmartAss Buddha.”
Julie Edwardson
Squamish, Canada

Hi, my name is Ted, I am on a mission to inspire people to enjoy life as much as possible. My brother died of a massive brain tumor at 47. I was 41 at the time and it scared the dickens out of me. Was it genetic? Am I next? What if I have only 6 years left?

It was really tough to see him suffer through chemotherapy and the side effects. But, the real heart-breaker was that my brother was completely overwhelmed with sadness right until his last breath.

On the way home from his funeral I heard an interview on the radio about the top regrets of the dying.

Top Five Regrets of the Dying:
*Failed to pursue their dreams or aspirations.
*Spent far too much time at work instead of with their family.
*Didn’t spend enough time with their friends.
*Wished they had allowed themselves to be happier.
*Expressing their feelings and emotions.

As soon as I heard these regrets, I knew that my brother’s sadness was massive regret. It made me ask a difficult question that people rarely ask. Did I want to die full of regret? About 90 percent of people say they have major regrets. Will you be one of them? Of course not that would be stupid.

“I loved how matter of fact it was, how practical it was, and how beautifully written it was. Should be standard issue to all the existentially challenged youngsters out there, not to mention oldsters. Inspirational indeed, it was so good, I read it twice.”
Cam Berg – Melbourne, Australia

Inspiration is that steamy spicy spark that will elevate you past your obstacles and keep you running down the trail. When you are inspired, it is like you have hidden superpower in your backpack. Inspiration will pole-vault you past your excuses, instigate action and create almost limitless energy to work towards your dreams and desires for months, years or even decades.

No matter what you are pursuing in life, no matter how prepared, committed, organized or focused you are, if you are lacking inspiration you will always experience more struggle than you have to.

The more inspired you become, the more your life will brim with laughs, wonderful souls, interesting experiences, gracious gratitude, titillating travel, enlightening events, a love for nature, expansive ideas, unique moments and grand adventures.

Don’t be surprised if — after reading Smartass Buddha…

* You begin planning that overseas trip you’ve always wanted to take, but never quite felt like it was time.

* You start living a more active, healthy lifestyle and finding those old jeans at the back of your closet fit just right.

* You find that taking care of your body becomes second-nature. You inspire yourself to build new, active, healthy mental and physical habits into your daily routine.

* Friends and family start to point out and notice a glow about you they haven’t seen in years.

* You feel a greater sense of who you are and where you’re going…* You find the courage to make a career change you’ve been dreaming of.

* You take up new hobbies that bring you the plenty of joy. * You actively connect with other inspired souls and build your own inspirational support network.

“I love how this book gently challenges you to question the status quo and listen to your own innate wisdom to live a life uniquely your own.”
Sheila Sornsin

“If Buddha had read this book, he wouldn’t have spent so much time sitting under a tree. Ted Schredd has done it again, with an insightful, inspiring and totally thought-provoking book.”
Joseph Morsman
Los Angeles

Tap into your inspiration and you will find your golden moments and reveal your purpose in life. Get it now. It’s time to get Inspired and Pass It On!


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