Handmade Wool Dryer Balls

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Our wool dryer balls are handmade, materials locally sourced and free of any chemicals or dyes. They are also 100% wool, no fillers, this is important because wool contains lanolin and that’s what naturally softens your clothes. They also tumble around gently hitting your clothes creating space for air to pass AND because wool is super absorbent (and our balls are handmade not machined), they suck the moisture off your clothes! Why is that great? Well, wait for it…it’ll decrease your dry time by 25-40%, decreasing your carbon footprint! We’ll give you a second to take that in….ready for the next kicker? They last about 1500 loads, keep thinking of all there money you’ll save on your energy bill, chemicals you don’t need and the life of your dryer! What’s great too is since wool is soft they won’t wear out your clothes or dryer drum, they also makes not a sound as it works triple time on your clothes. Did we also mention that it’ll significantly reduce wrinkles?!

So just to recap some of the key benefits:
– It naturally softens your laundry; harsh chemicals are no longer needed!
Of note: This is especially great for people with sensitive skin, dry skin, new skin (babies, we meant babies). People with skin issues like eczema or psoriasis also seriously benefit from avoiding harsh chemicals too.
– You’ll reduce your energy consumption with these babies! Think of how often you do laundry! With a reduction in dry time of 25-40% you’ll see the difference in the long run and feel good about playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint.
– Because they’re anti-microbial they won’t mold even if you leave them in the dryer when they’re damp; retrieve your clothes, leave them there and forget about it.
– They last a really long time! Like 1500 loads long time, think of the money you’ll save!



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Product Variations

For those of you who absolutely can't fathom your bedsheets, towels, clothes etc. and only smell cleanliness, we offer scented dryer balls infused with a mix of a carrier oil and essential oils.
We do this for a $2 additional cost.
Available scents are Lavender or Citrus blend.

Material Sourcing

All our wool comes from the family farm. You can even come meet our lovely sheep if you'd like!

Where to Purchase

We have an online store (link provided below).
We also have a Facebook page where you can follow us and get updates on events and markets we'll be attending throughout the year.

Description of environmental benefits

Our products are truly ECO-Friendly. Unlike many of the other dryer balls in the market, ours are handmade, not machined. This means everything that goes into creating the balls are Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Sustainable and Ethical. They are also produced in alkaline, mineral rich, filtered, reverse osmosis well water.

Furthermore, while they create airflow to decrease dry time, wool is also very absorbent (especially when they aren't machined) thereby decreasing your dry time anywhere from 25-40%, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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