Chocolate Cherry Jelly

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This is as wonderful as it sounds. We juice our local sour cherries on the same day that we pick them and it is a brilliant ruby red. Then we use this flavourful juice to make a simple jelly that is finished with white Creme de Cacao. So you get a clear jelly with the flavour of white chocolate. As with all of our products you can still taste the flavour of the lovely natural fruit. It is one of our more popular items.

It is lovely just on its own with toast and butter or other breakfast items. It can provide a crowning touch to any special baking. Consider filling thumbprint cookies, glazing a pie or tarte, filling a layer cake.


Sugar, local sour cherry juice, Creme de Cacao, pectin

Ingredient Sourcing:

100% of the fruit used is locally rescued in Edmonton.



Province or State:


Other Products

Our other products with alcohol are:
Blueberry Rhubarb Jam with Grand Marnier
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam with Sambuca
Crimson Orange Marmalade with Irish Whiskey
Taffy Apple Jelly made with Butterripple Schnapps
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Where to Purchase

We sell at local Farmer's Markets

Description of the social cause benefiting from purchases of your product(s).

We use our profits to make fruit snacks for food programs in the city that support those who are in need. Over the last 2 years with the manpower of wonderful volunteers we have made and donated about 27,000 individual snacks. These are apple chips, fruit leather, and apple sauce tubes.
We also provide work experience and volunteer opportunities for those who want the opportunity to contribute to others. This is usually with the apple snack program. Some tasks are perfect for those who have a variety of limitations.
When it comes to picking we will priorize those who are no longer able to care for their fruit trees.

Description of environmental benefits

We use local fruit that grows in people's yards instead of letting it go to waste. We also work with other groups in the city who want local fruit for their charity or food programs. By speaking to homeowners we are able to educate them about the apple maggot infestation and proper disposal of their yard waste. By teaching preserving classes we help homeowners find ways of using their own fruits.

Special Labels

The fruit is 100% "rescued" from the Edmonton area and the sugar is from Alberta. However the alcohol is not local, even though we purchase it at the Sherbrooke Liquour Store.

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