Listings for Preserves 14



Lemon, Ginger, and Honey Jam

Lemon, ginger and honey jam is based on old remedies. A teaspoon in hot water or tea would work miracles. It’s also a very good […]



Homemade Jams & Jellies  

I am a European food lover (Italian & British origin) with a lifelong passion of cooking homemade goods for my community. The Vintage Teapot offers […]

4 pack of singles


Singles Gift Box – A – Cream   

This is a gift box of 4 of the popular jams and jellies. There are 4 jars in the box and the flavours are: Blueberry […]

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Singles Gift Box – Selection B – Black   

This little box contains 4 of our best selling jams and jellies – Ginger Pear Jelly, Raspberry Rhubarb Jam, Mango Apple Jam, Saskatoons in Summer […]

Raspberry Apple Jam c


Raspberry Apple Jam   

Raspberries and apples. This is a lovely soft jam as the apple gives a smooth texture that kids like and it cuts the number of […]

Peppered Pear c


Peppered Pear Condiment   

This lovely condiment has the gentle flavour of pears plus some cranberries, mustard and black pepper. It is made with the full fruit of our […]

Hot Pepper Rhubarb c


Hot Pepper Rhubarb Condiment   

We love hot pepper jellies – we even make one! But sometimes they have the wrong consistency, so we decided to make a hot pepper […]

Balsamic Saskatoon Strawberry c


Balsamic Saskatoon and Strawberry Condiment   

This is a lovely fruity condiment made with locally rescued saskatoons and purchased strawberries. It is finished with Balsamic vinegar and a touch of chili […]

4 Peppers Jelly c


4 Pepper Jelly   

This is like a hot pepper jelly but we believe it is better. We have used our lovely red crab apple juice as the base […]

3 C's with Balsamic c


3 Cs in Balsamic Condiment   

The 3 C’s are Cherry, Caramelized onions and Chili. These are cooked together and finished with Balsamic vinegar to make a very popular condiment. Uses: […]

Crimson Marmalade c


Crimson Marmalade   

We were given a challenge to make a marmalade within our guidelines of 60% rescued fruit. Seeing as we don’t grow citrus fruit here I […]

Blueberry Rhubarb Jam 2 c


Blueberry Rhubarb Jam with Grand Marnier   

This jam is made with locally rescued rhubarb and purchased Canadian blueberries and finished with a touch of fresh orange zest and Grand Marnier liqueur. […]

Almond Pear Jelly c


Almond Pear Jelly   

This beautiful jelly is made from the juice of locally grown pears that have not been sprayed with chemicals. It has a powerful burst of […]



Hot Mango and Chili Jam

Mango chili jam offers a pairing of sweet and spicy that complement each other perfectly. It works best as part of an appetizer on any […]

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