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Farm Fresh Eggs  

East Gate Farms Edmonton August 5, 2021 944 total views, 1 today

We have farm fresh eggs available weekly. Our brown eggs are laid by our free run chickens. Eggs are sold by the dozen and are […]



Farm Fresh Eggs  

Blueberry Hill Homestead Andrew April 10, 2020 977 total views, 0 today

We offer farm fresh eggs. Our chickens forage on approx 2 acres and have the cleanest chicken coop. We feed them fresh produce from Loop, […]


Free-Range Chicken Eggs (dozen)  

Harden Garden Edgerton June 21, 2019 1106 total views, 1 today

Our mixed flock of chickens is free to roam 365 days a year. They have access to all manner of plants, bugs, small mammals and […]


We have organic fed free range farm fresh eggs for sale 6 doll a dz 20 doll for 4 dz Delivery to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, […]


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~ Debbie Schielke, Schielke Farm

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